rail mounted quay crane

  • RMQC (Rail Mounted Quay Crane) Our RMQC have an excellent reputation for design, manufacturing and customer care. We can erect our RMQC on-site, or ship them fully erected depending on your location.

  • Port Cranes and Ship to Shore Crane (STS) by Anupam …

    Rail Mounted Gantry Crane (RMGC) We build tailor made RMGC (max. 50M) to comply specific requirement of our customers.

  • A ship-to-shore (STS) crane, also known as a container crane, which is a kind of hoisting machine special used on quayside, with swiftness benefit for loading and unloading container vessel. Composed of gantry structure, Boom, trolley, crane traveling mechanism,Boom hoisting system, moving cab, machine room, spreader, electrical equipment and other necessary safety and auxiliary equipment.

  • Container Crane (Rail Mounted Quay Crane, RMQC, QC) Located on the quay for loading/unloading containers to and from ships. Rubber Tire Gantry Crane RTG (Transfer Crane) A crane to handle containers efficiently in container yard. Powered by a diesel

  • Rail Mounted Quay Crane (RMQC) (TOTAL SOLUTIONS OF OFFSHORE CRANES & COMPONENTS) – Designed by Korea Our Seivices are – Design Custom-made Product(with current new requirements & Technology) – Manufacture / Transportation

  • The new quay has been awarded for a 17 year concession period and will be equipped with 4 rail mounted quay cranes and 12 rubber tyred gantry cranes. DP World wins top Mumbai terminal project

  • rail mounted quay crane
  • Rail Mounted Gantry Crane – Competitive Price and High …

    Rail mounted gantry crane is supplied in our group with high quality and competitive price. The customers in the world market can choose our gantry crane for their business. This series of gantry cranes features the simple and compact structure and it is also easy to operate.

  • You’ve selected the quay gantry crane of course, and that is a type of gantry crane. You have to make sure that you choose the right capacity because you’re lifting some heavy-duty loads. You might be thinking that these gantry cranes use hooks for the containers, but they actually use spreaders.

  • Crane Capacity 35.5 Te Track Centre 30.0 m Total Height of Lift 40.0 m– Above Rail Level 26.0 m– Below Rail Level 14.0 m Max. Out Reach 38.0 m Back Reach 10.0 m Total Height of Crane (Boom Up) 70.0 m Control System Ward Leonard Power Supply 3.3

  • Crane boom: A horizontal beam that runs transversely to the berth. It spans from landside of the landside rail wheels to a length over the edge of the berth. The waterside span is based on the size of ship that it can successfully load/unload. Beams also have

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