pneumatically driven rope traction hoists for wire ropes for passenger transportation p n 50885015

  • Oct 28, 2020 · pneumatically driven rope traction hoists for wire ropes for passenger transportation p n 50885015; li ju electric hoist; wire rope pulling hoist 3200kg; wire rope hoist 1600kg; electric hoist pa300; bb chain hoist trolley; Social Media. Tags

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    Novinex 2 Ton Rope Hoist Pulley Wheel Block and Tackle, 4000LB 65 Feet of 3/8" – Poly Rope Hoist Pulley Block – 7:1 Lifting Power 4.3 out of 5 stars 128 $28.99 $ 28 . 99

  • rope, and unpredict-able service life. Wire ropes used in traction hoists often have their ends brazed or welded into a “bullet” to allow automatic reeving of the traction drive. This is necessary to keep wires and strands from being pushed apart. Most other wire rope appli-cations, to facilitate the movement of the strands and the core, do not have brazed or welded ends at the time a rope termina-

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  • of the drive sheave is transmitted to the hoist ropes via the frictional force, called “traction,” between the grooves and ropes. To enhance the traction, double-wrap drives are often used, as shown by type (e). All these types have the electric machine in an overhead position. If it is not feasible to provide a machine room above the top

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  • pneumatically driven rope traction hoists for wire ropes for passenger transportation p n 50885015
  • LTD-P electric wire rope traction hoist –

    The Rigid LTD-P Series unlimited cable (wire rope) passenger lifting hoist is the nearest alternative available in the market place to the Tractel Tirak XP Series manriding hoists. The new Rigid LTD-P Series endless hoist is versatile and suitable for unlimited applications. The rope is not connected which makes it compact, lightweight and very easy to handle. The unrestricted wire rope lengths capability of the Rigid LTD-P Series makes it possible to utilise unlimited lifting heights and

  • Drum and Counterweight Ropes. Use 8×19 Seale traction steel ropes for most drum and counterweight ropes. If the drum and sheave material of the existing elevator is softer than that required for traction steel, the use of iron ropes may be considered. Compensating Ropes. 8×25 Filler Wire traction steel ropes provide longer and more economical service. For existing installations that require iron, WW suggests 8×25 Filler Wire. Governor Ropes. Use an 8-strand traction steel governor rope for

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  • N.B. When not in operation, it is recommended that the For any rigging arrangement other than those descri- rope release lever should be in the engaged position. bed in this manual, please consult TRACTEL ® , or a The machine must therefore be released before attemp- competent specialist engineer before operating the ting to feed in the wire rope.

  • A traction elevator transmits the lifting force to the hoist ropes by friction between the grooves in the machine drive sheave and hoist ropes. The ropes wrap over the machine drive sheave in grooves and connect the carriage with the counterweight. It is ensured that the ropes sit in the groove due to the weight of the car and counterweight. The

  • A Brief History of Elevator Wire Ropes – Hercules SLR

    The invention of wire rope more-or-less paralleled the invention of the passenger elevator, and, by the 1870s, wire rope had become the rope of choice for elevator use. Since they were new, both the elevator and wire rope faced similar challenges regarding safety concerns.

  • This versatile hoist will handle wire rope up to 1-inch and delivers up to 35,000 pounds of line pull. It has proven itself to be well-suited for anchor-handling applications on small vessels and

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  • Jul 30, 2010 · HOIST A hoist is a device used for lifting or lowering a load by means of a drum or lift-wheel around which rope or chain wraps. It may be manually operated, electrically or pneumatically driven and may use chain, fiber or wire rope as its lifting medium. Types of hoists

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    The passenger/freight cars of electric/traction elevators are suspended by wire ropes, which pass over a powered sheave, and terminate at a set of counterweights. The prime mover, or drive machinery, is generally located near the top of the elevator car shaft, or hoist way.

  • This invention relates to a cable car that contains one of the lower station and at least one upper station, pulling the rope in the stations passes through the guide disks, with at least one of the guide disk is driven, passenger movable means which stations uncoupled from the traction rope, move through the station on rails, and then concatenated with traction rope, and two provided on the

  • 6.0 Mechanical Transportation System Components of a Gearless Traction Lift The traction lift operates as ropes that lift it pass over wheel attached to an electric motor above the

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