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  • 2021/3/24 · What is an overhead crane? A crane is a complex machine that lifts, lowers and moves heavy or bulky loads. Cranes are equipped with components that provide the crane’s multi-directional mobility. A combination of the hoist, trolley and bridge motions provide

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    Double Trolley Overhead Crane. Double trolley overhead crane is an overhead crane equipped with two trolleys, which can work simultaneously or separately. They are mainly used to lift long and big loads or sets of loads with two long distance lifting points. The lifting capacity of the double trolley overhead crane is 5 ton to 400 ton, and the work

  • The trolley overhead crane is capable of lifting hundreds of tons, and it performs the lifting work more efficiently and safely. The overhead trolley crane design is in line with GB / T3811 standard. Double Trolley Overhead Crane.

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    2019/5/17 · Overhead crane trolley: Cranes lift and lower loads with a hoist that is attached to a trolley. The trolley moves back and forth along a bridge. The bridge moves along a runway. Some cranes – such as a jib crane – don’t have a bridge but still have a hoist attached to a trolley and can move a load in a horizontal direction. A bridge crane is

  • The overhead crane is composed of bridge frame, hoist trolley, crane travelling mechanism, operating room, etc. The bridge frame is the basic component of the bridge crane, which is composed of the main beam and the end beam.

  • Konecranes overhead cranes are available with software-based intelligence, Smart Features, which gives you control over material handling in your production process. They are developed to make the crane operator’s daily work easier and more efficient. Watch the video. Read the brochure.

  • Overhead bridge crane systems are either process cranes used for constant, specific heavy-duty lifting needs or modular cranes used in smaller mills and manufacturing facilities. Additionally, overhead bridge cranes typically come in two configurations: single girder, which is usually less expensive and simpler, and double girder, which is used mostly in heavy-duty lifting and moving applications.

  • OVERVIEW It adds a trolley on QD overhead crane becoming double trolley crane; Mainly be used to lift long and big loads or some sets with two long distance lifting points; Design and manufactured in accordance with GB/T 14405, General Bridge Crane ; Widely

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    Product Name: FEM/DIN Crane Trolley 1. Modular design 2. Flexible combination 3. Determinate structure trolley frame 4. Hard tooth surface reducer imported from Germany This trolley usually travels on FEM/DIN standard overhead cranes, which adopts modular

  • Overhead crane trolley: Cranes lift and lower loads with a hoist that is attached to a trolley. The trolley moves back and forth along a bridge. The bridge moves along a runway. Some cranes – such as a jib crane – don’t have a bridge but still have a hoist attached to a

  • Equipment Overhead Cranes In our 80 years producing lifting equipment, Konecranes has risen to become the world’s choice for overhead crane equipment and service, container handling equipment, shipyard cranes, bulk handling cranes and lift trucks. The deep

  • The OSHA overhead and gantry cranes safety standards state that stops must be provided at the limits of travel of the trolley.Laser-View Technologies’ Crane Sentry® Lite provides non-contact and precise crane to end stop monitoring, allowing for increased safety of overhead crane operations.

  • (8) Overhead Crane Trolley metal structure and all electrical equipment, metal shell, pipe slot, cable metal skin, etc. must be connected into a continuous conductor, according to the grid power supply to take a reliable grounding or zero.

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    Crane Depot offers a full line of overhead bridge cranes with capacities ranging from 5 tons to 500 tons. Contact us to learn more about our overhead bridge cranes! Home Overhead Bridge Cranes There are a variety of cranes in the bridge crane category, such as gantry cranes and jib cranes, but one of the most utilized types of bridge crane is the overhead bridge crane.

  • 2019/12/17 · Trolley rotating magnet overhead crane is mainly used to lift and transfer steel plate, pipe, profile steel, steel bar, steel billets, steel coil, or large

  • Alibaba.com offers 3,360 crane trolley products. About 20% of these are Hoists, 19% are Bridge Cranes, and 5% are Material Handling Equipment Parts. A wide variety of crane trolley options are available to you, such as sling type.

  • Usually,, crane wheels are the first crane parts to show the effects of crane problems, such as misaligned rails or un-squared crane. Periodic inspection of overhead cranes and gantry cranes, including the crane wheels, will detect premature wheel wear and provide clues to correct problems before they can cause substantial damage.

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