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  • As the most widely used type of jib crane, a free Standing jib crane is manually operated and is able to rotate 360°. They are manufactured in a wide array of heights and spans and require a 6” reinforced concrete foundation for secure mounting. Wall Bracket Jib Crane

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  • Gorbel’s standard, pre-engineered jib cranes are available in capacities from 50 pounds (23 kg) to 5 tons (4536 kg); please consult Gorbel if higher capacities or non-standard designs are required.

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  • Main Parameters of Jib I beam crane Jib I beam crane rated capacity: 0.25-1ton Jib I beam crane turning degree: 270 Jib I beam crane L: 3500-3800mm Custom Jib I beam crane is also available. I beam hoist I beam hoist with lifting capacity from 0.5 ton -32 ton

  • jib crane beam size
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    Gorbel Wall Cantilever I Beam Jib Crane 6 000 Lbs Span 18 Ft Gorbel Standing I Beam Jib Crane 5 Ton Capacity 16 Ft Hub 18 Span Model No Fs300 30 W24 10000 Jib Cranes Crane Attachments Motorized

  • General Jib Crane Information. Mounting Style: FS300 Freestanding Foundationless. Capacity: 1/2 Ton. Rated Capacity: 1/2 Ton. Span: 8 Ft. Height Under Boom: 10 Ft. Mast Diameter: 8 in. Beam Size: S6 @ 12.5 lbs/ft. Flange Width: 3.332 in.

  • General Jib Crane Information Mounting Style: Model 351 – Heavy Duty Freestanding Rated Capacity: 3 ton Span: 20 Feet Height Under Boom: 20 Feet Overall Height: 21’-9” Boom Beam Size: W21X83# Crane Color: Safety Yellow Foundation Size: 9’ x 9’ x 4’ 12

  • General Jib Crane Information Mounting Style: Model 351 – Heavy Duty Freestanding Rated Capacity: 1/2 ton Span: 10 Feet Height Under Boom: 12 Feet Overall Height: 12’-8” Boom Beam Size: W8X18# Crane Color: Safety Yellow Foundation Size: 4’ x 4’ x 4’ 6

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    I-Beam Jib Cranes. When you need heavier capacities, I-Beam Jibs have the capability to get your product moved safely. Great for manufacturing and industrial applications. Workers are easily and safely able to position loads with easy rotation and optimal standard deflection. All I-Beam …

  • Aimix I-beam jib cranes have the following three types: the first one is AQ-BZN type, this crane has a I-beam shape jib boom, which is installed on a cement base by bolts. AQ-BZN type crane is able to lift loads around one ton, and making a 270 degree rotation. If you want to save ceiling space, you can choose AQ-BXD wall bracket i-beam jib

  • Gorbel® Mast Type Jib Cranes – Drop Cantilever 4000 lb. to 6000 lb. Capacity. $4,981.00 – $12,585.00. Gorbel Heavy Duty Mast Type Jib Cranes – Drop Cantilever 4,000 LB. To 6,000 LB. Capacities Are Used For Hoisting Applications Requiring 360° Rotation And A Span Up To 20 Feet. <B

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  • Browse Gorbel FS300 Foundationless I-Beam Jib Cranes in the American Crane & Equipment Corp. catalog including Product Code,Item Name,Availability,Capacity,Span (L),Hub Height (Under Boom) Contact Us Products Specials In Stock Ready to Ship Below the

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    China 12 5 Ton Single Beam Motor Trolley Lifting Hoist Electric Wire Rope. China 1 Ton Electric Chain Hoist Crane. Telescoping Gantry Crane 1 Ton. Floor Mounted Jib Crane Standing. Hoisting And Lifting. Sdway 1 Ton Manual Chain Hoist 7518 The. China 1ton Material Lifting Chain Hoist With Trolley Electric Crane …

  • The overhead crane main beam should not be allowed to bend or twist, and when the deformation exceeds the prescribed value, it should be corrected. The prefabricated upper deflection is heated by oxygen-acetylene flame triangle. The height of the triangle is about (1/3~1/2) H. (h. is the height of I-beam) and the width is about 60 mm.

  • Bridge crane beam design. Bridge cranes are widely used in metalworking workshops, assembly workshops, metal mechanism workshops, maintenance workshops, various types of warehouses and other occasions. They can also be used for metallurgy and foundry workshops to assist in lifting.

  • From jib cranes to overhead cranes to crane inspections, we offer lifting solutions that are lifting industry. Based in Neenah, Wisconsin we pride ourselves in building quality products to meet our customers’ needs. We are more than just jib cranes (or any other cranes for that matter); we supply parts and provide crane inspections as well.

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