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  • VIVOHOME 110V 440 Lbs Lift Electric Hoist, Remote Control Electric Winch, Garage Ceiling Crane Overhead, Zinc-Plated Steel Wire Hoist for Garage, Warehouses, Factories Lifting 4.6 out of 5 stars 197 $109.99 $ 109 . 99

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    Some people use the words 'winch' and 'hoist' interchangeably, but there is a difference between the two, and it's important to understand that difference before you decide which product to use for a certain job. The basic difference is as follows: Hoists lift things. Winches pull things. Winches are designed to pull loads horizontally across a relatively level surface, whereas hoists can be used to lift loads vertically and suspend them in mid-air.

  • All our hoists and winches for sale are manufactured by the most trusted brands in the industry, which includes AB Chance, Magna Lifting Products, and Lincoln Hoist. Whether you need a capstan hoist or a heavy-duty wire rope winch, you can rely on the products at Midwest Unlimited.

  • While they look similar, winches and hoists are made to do separate things. A winch is designed to pull a heavy load horizontally over a slightly inclined or level surface, and a hoist is designed to lift a load vertically over steeper inclines that are greater than 45 degrees. Both tools can make heavy lifting tasks easier.

  • Hoists and Winches. Hoists work with overhead and workstation cranes to lift heavy, bulky loads vertically as directed by the operator. The lifting capacities of the hoists provided by ASI vary depending on how they’re constructed and the needs of the application. They’re typically used to lift, load and unload materials as part of integrated production and storage processes in manufacturing and warehousing operations in a wide variety of industries.

  • 800lbs Capacity Heavy Duty Hand Winch, Crank Strap Gear Winch with 26FT Steel Cable and Hook, Manual Lifting Winches for Boat, Trailer, ATV or Shop Crane, Small Hoist for Deer Feeder or Others 4.2 out of 5 stars 18

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    Hoists and Pullers. Hoists and pullers feature thick chains that engage with an engine to provide extreme lifting power. Look for durable construction and design features, including hardened and stamped steel construction, to ensure lasting use. Before selecting a winch, pulley or hoist, consider the maximum amount of weight you expect to lift.

  • 800lbs Capacity Heavy Duty Hand Winch, Crank Strap Gear Winch with 26FT Steel Cable and Hook, Manual Lifting Winches for Boat, Trailer, ATV or Shop Crane, Small Hoist for Deer Feeder or Others 4.2 out of 5 stars 18

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  • Winch and Hoist Options. Columbia winches and hoists are the perfect choice for solving hundreds of typical pulling or lifting requirements. Power choices include AC electric, DC electric or pneumatic motors, and a wide variety of options and modifications are available.

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    Winches and Capstans Hoists Direct offers many different brands, capacities and types of industrial quality winch and capstan products. We are a winch specialist with subject matter expertise in key industrial winch categories, including the worm gear winch, power winch, pneumatic winch, mooring winch, cable winch, and hand geared winch.

  • Apr 16, 2020 · Ramsey Winch is a leading manufacturer of Hydraulic and Electric, Worm Gear and Planetary Gear Winches and Planetary Hoists. Using advanced manufacturing processes, premium materials, highly trained engineers and production personnel, Ramsey Winch is today’s choice for quality, dependability, and endurance.

  • Consider the ground-up, redesigned and “never say can’t” attitude of the new AXON™ and VRX powersports winches—the most innovative, revolutionary winches on the market. Plus the expansive line of WARN products for the truck, commercial, utility, industrial and severe-duty markets.

  • Winches and hoists are mechanical devices used for pulling and for raising and lowering loads. They can be powered by hand or by air, hydraulic, or electric motors. Both winches and hoists rely on wire rope, cable, or chain for connecting to their loads. Winches will sometimes use fiber rope also, as in many marine applications.

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