double grider overhead crane 80 tone

  • 2015/5/5 · TACKLERS – 80/10 Ton Double Girder Overhead Crane, EOT Cranes load testing. Capacity – 80-10 Ton; Span – 16.100MM; Lift – 30 Mtrs. Visit http://www.technoind

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    18 列 · Double girder overhead travelling crane is composed of box type welded …

  • Features of 80 Ton Overhead Crane The overhead crane is mainly composed of bridge frame, bridge operating mechanism, hoist trolley, electrical equipment, etc. According to the frequency of use, it has A3-A7 work duty. The crane generally uses cabin operation.

  • 2020/6/13 · double grider overhead crane 80 tone maximum load for overhead crane european style overhead cranes weihua overhead cranes pulley play overhead steel structure crane Saturday, November 14, 2020 Cranes for Sale dongnam overhead crane whcrane 2020-06

  • DOUBLE GIRDER OVERHEAD TRAVELLING CRANE Double is stronger! If you need to transport heavy loads of up to 120 t across large areas then ABUS double girder travelling cranes are your first choice. Like all ABUS gantry cranes, they integrate well into

  • double grider overhead crane 80 tone
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    Aicrane double girder overhead crane has excellent lifting capacity. Using the current computing system, the weight of the double girder crane can be adjusted to minimize the force exerted by the load on the structure and improve the stability of the lifting equipment when loading large volumes of goods.

  • 5T~550T Heavy duty Double Girder Crane 1. QD model Double Girder Crane is applied in open warehouse or rail sideways to conduct common loading unloading and material handling works.It is a heavy duty type overhead crane that satisfy frequently using. 2. This Double Girder Crane is composed of bridge, travelling mechanisms, trolley, electric equipment.

  • AQ-QD double girder overhead crane 20 ton Double girder overhead crane may be a better option to handle 20 tons since it provides higher efficiency, greater lifting speed and more lifting height. The AQ-QD type double girder crane is designed for general lifting purpose, such as to lift and move goods in heavy machine shops and warehouses.

  • 2017/11/6 · Clescrane CHD double girder overhead crane is available nowDetailed video illustration, for you to show the various parts of the overhead crane installationI

  • China 80 Ton Double Girder Electric Overhead Traveling Crane, Find details about China 50t Overhead Crane, 10t Overhead Crane from 80 Ton Double Girder Electric Overhead Traveling Crane – …

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    2016/11/22 · 80 ton overhead crane for sale with CE certificates good price. Custom designed 80 ton overhead crane is your most economical material handling solution. Get your custom overhead crane now. Buy Dongqi 80 ton overhead crane.

  • Features of 80 Ton Overhead Crane The overhead crane is mainly composed of bridge frame, bridge operating mechanism, hoist trolley, electrical equipment, etc. According to the frequency of use, it has A3-A7 work duty. The crane generally uses cabin operation.

  • European double girder overhead crane for 5 – 80 ton material handling. The overhead cranes realize all your expectation to material handling. Bet you want it! Read More Dongqi Crane Freestanding Workstation Overhead Bridge Cranes Widely used in factory

  • This 200/50 ton radio-controlled crane loads turbines onto rail cars for shipment. Crane has a span of 75 feet, a lift of 40 feet, and uses two EMH engineered hoists. Two 35-ton, 80 foot double girder cranes are used for precise placement of large equipment at this

  • Double girder cranes are available in capacities up to 80 tonnes equipped with our ZX wire rope hoists and up to 200 tonnes using our heavier duty VX hoist. Our top running double girders are designed to run on either four or eight long travel wheels depending on the allowable wheel loads and multiple trolley gauges are available to accommodate different lifting heights.

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    When heavy loads and wide spans are required, the S. CRANE double girder overhead crane show their strength. They consist of two torsion-free box girders. This makes them especially suitable for lifting and transporting loads over 1 OT and for span of more

  • 2019/8/2 · Double girder overhead crane or bridge crane is ideal for heavy applications. It is suitable for handling heavier loading capacities and longer spans. As a professional overhead crane manufacturer, we provide a full double girder crane solutions. Contact us for a standard or custom double girder bridge crane.

  • Double girder overhead bridge crane consists of two bridge girders, two end trucks, hoist trolley, electric control system and cabin. It usually runs on the top of runway beam. Bridge girder: two bridge girders and end trucks constitute the bridge of double girder crane, which can cover the width of the building.

  • Double girder overhead traveling crane is a crane with double girders and its lifting mechanism travels along its track on top of the main beams. Because of the double girder configuration, the crane can be used to lift or transport heavy loads, and it has higher request on quality of the factory to support the crane during the heavy duty loads lifting and transporting.

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