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  • The carbon brush current collector is composed of carbon brush, stainless metal part and wear resistant plastic part. Spring can make the carbon brush maintain uniform contact. There is a traction arm for each group collector. The double collector system can be used for guiding device or higher current device.

  • Carbon Brushes For Current Collector Manufacturer,Carbon

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  • With Current capacity: 50A, 80A 125A, 160A, 200A, 250A, 315A Up to 400A Copper Carbon Conductor System is a copper carbon mounted onto a T-shaped steel section. The copper bar transfers the electrical current, and the T-bar provides greater strength and more reliable electrical contact.

  • We manufacture and design finest grade of Carbon Brush Current Collector that serves as a safety device that let the current to pass through specified channels thereby preventing current leakage. A crane is a huge system which requires proper handling of various parts.

  • The carbon brush is the integral part on the transfer of current in the rotating machine and although they differ in size, shape and technical composition carbon brushes and collectors all fulfil the same basic function. This is to transfer current from a moving device to a stationary point or vice versa within an electric circuit.

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  • current collector carbon brush
  • 100a 250a current collector carbon brush for crane hoist

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  • Carbon Current Collector Strips Our extensive range of carbon current collectors for transport applications offers high performance and low friction for long overhead wire life. We design, engineer and manufacture carbon and metallised carbon current collector strips for pantograph and third rail applications.

  • Carbon Brush Material: Copper-graphite heads for higher current loads and applications with higher mechanical requirements. Pure carbon heads for lower current loads and data signals.

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