centralized crane remote control system

  • Control two cranes independently or in TANDEM with a single transmitter (each crane must have its own receiver). Control a standard 3 motion, 2-speed single hoist crane or a 3 motion, 2-speed, dual hoist A/B/A+B. Control control two standard cranes (3 motion, 2 speed, single hoist) independently or at the same time, using a single transmitter.

  • Radio Remote Control Systems – Munck Cranes Service Division

    The radio control operates exactly like the pendant but operates using a radio frequency instead of control cables attached to the crane. The radio control system is comprised of two main components; the radio transmitter, (handheld device) and the radio receiver, (control box attached to crane or hoist). The radio control incorporates numerous safety features and allows the operator a greater range mobility than a pendant station.

  • Full system compatibility. All systems work with each other, minimizing the need for spare parts. The Flex series remote controls are small to mid-size hand-held rugged systems used for material handling, mobile hydraulic, and industrial applications. This radio remote control unit can be used for indoor or outdoor applications.

  • Conductix Pushbutton Stations. 80 Series and CM Lodestar models are our most popular and versatile crane pendant push button stations by Conductix-Wampfler. Variable Frequency Drives. VFD's are the answer for precise control and spotting for overhead cranes. Let TSOC size the right drive for you.

  • Jul 13, 2017 · Ladle remote control overhead crane are widely used in the smelting industry to convey, pour and charge the liquid hot metal in the process of smelting. Double girder remote control overhead crane specifications:Capacity:5~74 ton,Span Length:10.5~31.5m,Working Class:A7,Ambient Temperature:-10~60℃,

  • WYB Remote Control Toy Crane, 1/24 RC Remote Control Construction Truck 2.4G Remote Control Toy Crane 660° Rotating with Light 3 5 4 6 7 8 Year Old Children's Toy Gift $69.99 $ 69 . 99 $4.97 shipping

  • centralized crane remote control system
  • Overhead Crane Controls: Push Button Pendants vs. Radio Controls

    Sep 22, 2017 · On electrified overhead crane systems, the crane’s controls allow an operator to direct the movement of the crane and the hoist. The three types of movement that are influenced by a crane’s control system are: Crane motion – moving the crane up and down the runway (s) Hoist positioning – side-to-side / lateral movement.

  • 6 • Radio remote control systems Radio Remote Control MC-1000 The MC-1000 has been designed with the aim to provide an extremely cost efficient solution to many radio remote control needs. Thanks to its robust and easy to use design, the MC-1000 has become the preferred choice for many industry operators. Programming The receiver of the MC

  • Wainbee offers complete line of Scanreco's professional radio remote control and wireless remote control systems for crane and machinery manufacturers. Products that are made for heavy usage and to withstand the toughest conditions. Release: 4.3" Color Display sets a new standard

  • Communication from cranes to a centralized data system, performing diagnosis and crane maintenance is possible thanks to the SIMOCRANE Centralized Crane Management System – CCMS. Via a remote CCMS station the maintenance personnel can fast and accurate determine the status of cranes of the entire crane park. Each crane has a specific ID with makes possible the identification for faults on the centralized database MS SQL.

  • Feb 18, 2015 · A remote control system consists of two units. One is a portable transmitter that creates control signals. The other is a receiver that is permanently installed on the crane. The receiver is connected to the crane's control unit.

  • DRC-DC radio control system | Demagcranes

    You can control your cranes safely and precisely with the Demag DRC MJ hand-held transmitter, while concentrating fully on the handling task.

  • For applications which need additional security, SAGA-K, certified in Category 4, become the best tool for radio control of self-erecting construction cranes, tower crane, bridge cranes and gantry cranes. SRR4 Radio Remote Control is the best solution for automation applications where bidirectional radio transmission of a restricted number of commands require a low economic impact.

  • CTS develops and produces high-quality industrial remote control & radio control systems of cranes and machinery in Australia! Discover the remote-control product range of HBC Radiomatic.

  • HoistCam™ is a rugged, adaptable, and rapidly deployable wireless camera system that provides a material handling operator with a direct video feed from anywhere on a job site. Attached to any surface with magnets and safety lanyard, HoistCam can be installed on any heavy equipment, such as a crane, in seconds.

  • The Stellar® CDT™ and CDTplus™ (Crane Dynamics Technology) Radio Control System is a proprietary collection of revolutionary, industry first features that control, power, and monitor Stellar® cranes. The Stellar CDT & CDTplus is a combination of a handheld integral capacity alert communication system, a crane boosting feature, and the ability to function in safe mode.

  • AUTEC – Safe and reliable industrial radio remote controls

    Whether its overhead cranes, hoists, magnets, conveyor belts, stackers, jib cranes, gantry cranes or cut & press machines, Autec’s control systems Logistics & Transport. Trust Autec for safe and innovative remote control systems for the logistics and transport sectors. Our customized solutions for handling such Forestry & Agriculture

  • K-Series Radio Remote Controls are a state-of-the-art radio control system. Check the many great features below! K3 has single-speed, 12 button transmitter with E-stop, key switch, and On/Off. Up to 5 motion single speed control with 2 to 7 programmable auxiliary outputs, A/B outputs, alarm output, mainline output, and light output.

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