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  • Box beam overhead crane A box girder bridge is a bridge in which the main beams comprise girders in the shape of a hollow box. The box girder normally comprises either prestressed concrete, structural steel, or a composite of steel and reinforced concrete. The box is typically rectangular or trapezoidal in cross-section.

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    Crane Beam Gantry Welding System type ;Box Girder Bridge Crane Automatic longitudinal welding with joint tracking system for structural beams types H, I, T,

  • A box or tubular girder is a girder that forms an enclosed tube with multiple walls, as opposed to an I – or H -beam. Originally constructed of riveted wrought iron, they are now made of rolled or welded steel, aluminium extrusions or prestressed concrete. Compared to an I -beam, the advantage of a box girder is that it better resists torsion.

  • Box girder overhead crane with Euroepan wire rope hoist This overhead crane design has advantage of less maintenance, light weight, compact structure, save much construction cost and future maintenance cost, in addition, three-in-one driving systems make the whole set of overhead crane in good performance.

  • Most cranes that exceed a capacity of 10 ton with a span greater than 60 ft will utilize a box girder bridge beam. The hoist/trolley used on a TRSG crane is always an under hung style trolley which runs on the bottom flange of the bridge beam. For this reason, a TRSG crane is not the best crane option if facility headroom is a major issue.

  • Oct 27, 2014 · long-span, high-capacity double girder overhead bridge cranes and runway beams commonly used in concrete products and other heavy industrial applications. The company also designs and builds single-girder, mono-box models. Box girder cranes have a light weight-to-span length ratio, engineers note.

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    Crane beam fabrication line consist crane beam assembly machine, crane beam heavy overturning machine and crane beam seam welding machine.

  • Oct 16, 2017 · Girders can be made of rolled steel or can be fabricated by welding the beams into a steel box design for added strength and rigidity. The bridge is a load-bearing beam that runs the width of the crane bay and is the primary structural component that connects the runways and moves the hoist forward and backward using a trolley.

  • Mar 01, 2018 · Crane Girder Design Crane Girder Details Proper detailing is the key to good fatigue performance The vast majority of crane girder performance issues occur at the crane girder to column connection. 3 4 Column or Bracket Support • Do not use framed or clip angle type connections. • Extend bearing stiffeners the full height of the girder

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