bird cage in the crain wire ropes

  • BIRD-CAGING IN WIRE ROPE. A theory which predicts when a wire in an impacted strand will separate from the core wire is presented. The condition must occur if a strand is to form a bird cage. It is shown that it is possible to separate even if the axial strain is positive. The wires can separate, due to twisting, with a reduction in tensile load. If rope is carrying a heavy load and the load is partially released, wire separation is possible.

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    When this separation strains the rope material beyond its elastic limit, instability or bird‐caging occurs in the form of a permanent deformation. This theory predicts an interesting situation in which bird‐caging can occur even when the rope remains under a positive axial strain.

  • In many cases, wire rope is subjected to impact loads which send axial and torsional responses up and down the rope. If the loads are severe enough, the outer strands can separate from the core in a permanent manner and thus render the rope useless. Such a phenomenon is generally known as birdcaging. A bird cage is a term often used to describe the permanent appearance of a wire rope forced into compression.

  • Crane aviary fence & crane cage netting is commonly used the stainless steel wire rope mesh to built. Custom wire rope mesh panels, suitable for all kinds shape of crane cage fence. Crowned cranes are relatively easy to raise animals, and they are large in size, beautiful in posture, gentle in nature and easy to see. bird cage rope

  • Dec 11, 2019 · Crane wire ropes should also be inspected after installation for potential loops, furrows and lateral deflections in the fleet angle. Frequent or daily inspections should involve inspecting the rope for kinks, wear, corrosion, damaged end attachments, doglegs and signs of bird caging.

  • Bird Cage forced through a tight sheave. Protruding Core because of shock loading, torque build-up during installation, tight sheaves, or incorrect rope design. Actual example of a wire rope which jumped out of the sheave. Note the imprint of the sheave flange.

  • bird cage in the crain wire ropes
  • bird cage rope

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  • Bird Cage (non-rotating rope) caused by worn sheave grooves. Bird Cage forced through a tight sheave. Protruding Core because of shock loading, torque build-up during installation, tight sheaves, or incorrect rope design. Actual example of a wire rope which jumped out of the sheave. Note the imprint of the sheave flange. Actual example of a rotation resistant wire rope which was forced to run in too tight sheave grooves. Result is so called ‘core popping’.

  • Wire aviary mesh, bird netting applications for a variety of bird species, such as birds, parrots, flamingos, eagles, cranes and so on. Therefore, stainless steel wire rope netting used for aviary netting, is ideal animal cage mesh in zoos.

  • Bird caging. The twisting of fiber or wire rope in an isolated area of the rope in the opposite direction of the rope lay, thereby causing it to take on the appearance of a bird cage. Blocking (also referred to as "cribbing"). Wood or other material used to support equipment or a component and distribute loads to the ground.

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    Shock loading. Shock loading (bird-caging) of the rope is another reason for replacement of the rope. Shock loading is caused by the sudden release of tension on the wire rope and its resultant rebound from being overloaded. The damage that occurs can never be corrected and the rope must be replaced.

  • Aviary Mesh, Bird Cage Netting Specifications: HY2076 Wire rope mesh Material: 304 stainless steel Rope diameter: 2.0mm (5/64 ") Mesh aperture: 76mm x 76mm (3" x 3 ") Stainless steel wire rope netting for aviary mesh. Corrosion-resistant, no rust,, can cover the entire aviary cage.

  • Damage to this wire rope was caused by removing the tension weight of the load hook which caused the wire rope to lose tension on the hoist drum. This released the wire rope from the drum groves. Operating the hoist in this situations causes kinks, abrasions and birdcaging (permanent appearance of a wire rope forced into compression)..

  • The stainless steel bird netting mesh are hand woven by high quality304 or 316 stainless steel wire ropes, this material can make the outdoor birds netting & enclosure & fencing mesh will not rust, corrosion. The wire rope bird netting can be used more than 30 years.

  • Aviary netting panels manufacture factory, low price cost and more specifications bird netting mesh, for zoo aviaries, self aviary, out door and indoor fencing and mesh

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    Wire ropes have a finite life that is much shorter than the expected life of the hoist. Improperly installed, poorly lubricated, worn and damaged hoisting ropes routinely fail, causing the potential for a catastrophic accident. In fact a hoisting rope that was in perfect condition the day before can be ruined by a single damaging lift that causes a kink or bird cage.

  • • When the rope has been subjected to localized distortions as a result of mechanical damage , crushing , kink , bird cage , etc . • When the core of the rope has collapsed. • When the rope has been subjected to a high temperature or heat due to fire. _ _____

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