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  • 2019/4/4 · What kind of steel beam is an I beam trolley designed for? I-beam trolley conveyor components are designed to run on I beam track with tapered flanges (please see cross section in the graphic). Consequently these are known as “Standard I Beams” and generally have the prefix S (e.g. S6 or S-6 for a 6″ …

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    2020/3/4 · Ensure that the capacities of the trolley, beam, and hoist are all suitable to the load being lifted. The chain of the hoist should be long enough to hang about 2 feet above the operating level. Remember to lock the adjustment bar before every use.

  • BestEquip Push Beam Trolley, 1100lbs Load Capacity Manual Trolley, 1/2Ton I-Beam Trolley, Heavy Duty Beam Trolley Hoist w/Dual Track Rollers, 2.5in – 7in Adjustable Flange for Lifting, in Steel. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 126.

  • Standard Trolley (PT) K B Dimensions: Beam Width Range 1 WLL A B C D E G H I J K L PT-050 Beam 50-150mm 500kg 50-150 220 194 Ø60 115 22 32 33 28 198 89 PT-100 Beam 75-150mm 1000kg 75-150 227 217 Ø70 124 23 29 35 31 218 100 PT-200 Beam

  • 2015/5/18 · Standard features include side guide rollers to prevent unnecessary wear on track and trolley and a rugged cast iron body construction. These beam trolleys are industrial duty and are suitable for high volume manufacturing facilities wherever hand-push conveyor beam trolley systems are in use.

  • Beam Trolley. Our Adjustable Beam Trolleys are used by many leading UK rental companies, as well as a multitude of clients overseas. These heavy-duty trolley clamps allow you to not only lift heavy loads but to transport them along the length of a beam with ease. Maximum weight capacity ranges from 500kg to 5 tonnes – please check the capacity of

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    12 列 · Beam Trolley Wheels. Richmond’s innovative range of Beam trolley wheels are suited to …

  • Adjustable Runway Beam Trolleys. Incorporating Wheelguarding Anti-Drop Plates, Width Adjusting and Lifting Shackle. This range of li.. £467.00. Add to Cart. Available for Hire.

  • Curved Beam Geared Trolley are designed to fit beams with curved tracks with a minimum radius curve of 600 mm. Hand chain length has to be notified when ordering, since there is no standard size for this chain. Keep in mind that the chain should be easily accessible for operator but not too long in order to prevent dragging on the ground.

  • Adjustable riggers crawl up to 300mm wide beam. PRODUCT CODE: ADJ-G: Geared Adjustable Crawl ADJ-P: Push Adjustable Crawl When ordering, please specify Geared or Push eg. ADJ 3t G or ADJ 3t P. Conforms to CSIR tests: Endurance Test 60 000 Cycles at 1,5 x SWL and Factor of Safety Min 4 x SWL. A F.

  • 2020/12/10 · 10-995A STANDARD I BEAM TROLLEY QUICK START GUIDE WARNING – This guide is not a substitute for fully reading and understanding the portable hoist manual. Items required; 1) Standard portable hoist. Gemini, New Yorker, or Leo series. 2) 1T

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    William Hackett WH-PT Push trolley | 500Kg to 10 Tonnes The William Hackett WH-PT Push Trolley meet and exceed the requirements of international standard an.. £89.54

  • PT-500 Beam 125-200mm 5000kg 125-200 304 310 Ø100 218 32 33 84 60 370 140 PT-1000 Beam 150-200mm 10000kg 150-200 350 368 Ø140 275 42 35 105 76 467 197 Tusker Single Shaft Trolleys Standard Trolley A E D G H C L J I Beam Width Range 2

  • Standard geared trolley hand chain length – 2.5m. We can change the length to suit your requirements. If your track width or beam flange requirements are not covered by our standard range please contact us for details as we may be able to meet your requirements.

  • heavy-duty I-Beam testoon systems are designed to festoon flat cables using a 3" 4" or 6" American Standard I-Beam as the trolley nmway. This hardware is designed for higher duty applicaons with the trolleys capable of supporting loads of up

  • Beam Trolley Wheels Richmond’s innovative range of Beam trolley wheels are suited to many different applications including overhead crane/carriages, movable platforms, construction, building applications and movable wagons/manufacturing process systems. Unlike most imported beam trolley wheels (featuring only a single bearing) this range features double row angular contact precision ball

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    Yale "HTP / HTG" Beam Trolley, Quick Fit – Range from 500kg to 50,000kg Push and Geared Travel (chain drive) Beam Trolleys with optional track clamp (locking device) A beam trolley enables the exact positioning or easy traversing of large loads with either manual …

  • Description: The Beam Trolley is adjustable and slides along with the worker to provide maximum mobility. The lightweight Beam Trolley Retrofit Kit (9065) adjusts to fit beam flanges from 3-in. (76 mm) to 4-1/2-in. (114 mm) wide. 9065-1 accommodates I-beams up to


  • The Trolley Anchor is a single point anchorage connector for a Fall Arrest system designed to be installed overhead on the bottom flange of a beam and to roll along a horizontal beam. Figure 2 illustrates components of the Trolley Anchor.

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